Okami (wolf) : Is the Japanese name for wolf.
In folklore, the wolf was associated with the mountains (Yama) and was thought to be both benevolent and malevolent.

Okami Home

Welcome to the Okami Dojo.  We specialize in teaching traditional Japanese Ju Jutsu for children and adults, Iaido (Japanese Sword), and Kick Boxing.  

Private and Semi-Private Classes available.

Here at Okami Dojo we believe martial arts training is for everyone so we offer affordable tuition programs and special pricing for families enrolling multiple students.

Affordable Monthly Tuition- UNLIMITED CLASSES

Students receive a discount for paying three months, six months or one year in advance.

Discount for Fire, Police, Ambulance, Teachers, Military and Veterans.
Please contact us for more information at (631) 468-8755
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